vineri, aprilie 2

Easter Shmeaster

As we all know, Easter is a very important holiday in the Christian world. You may say it's 'to die for' (you'll be resurrected in 3 days time anyway, right?). I'm not going to give a great big lecture on the topic, because I'm convinced the Internetz is full of both camps, the pros and the cons. I'll just tell you a story in a few days time about how "my people" (I'm using quotations because they're not) tend to celebrate the death and resurrection of Zombie Jesus. I'm just letting you know that I'm observing it and taking mental pictures of all the things that are contradictory and happening constantly during this time. Until then, enjoy:

A Perfect Circle - Judith
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Go, stuff your face with the dead lamb that you bought from the superstore after fighting with another old lady for stealing the one you wanted. Eat its' chopped, saute-d and chargrilled liver, guts and kidneys. It's the Christian thing to do.


PS: Don't forget to get pissed drunk and fight with your relatives.